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The best marketing campaigns are the ones that strike a cultural chord, tap into a collective consciousness, and make a place for themselves in people’s memories. You can think of some right now - ads that haven’t aired for years, but you can still recite the words or sing the jingle. Ads that become cultural phenomena in their own right - those campaigns are pure genius. And today’s marketers have more avenues to reach their audiences than ever before, thanks to internet opportunities and social networking.

Dynamic Press Release Distribution

Too many press releases are examples of lazy marketing, consisting merely of a few drab paragraphs sent to the local newspaper. Let’s be honest: an inch or two of print in the back of the paper isn’t exactly an eye-catching item to energize consumers.

Press release distribution has great potential as a marketing tactic, however, if it’s done well and makes the best use of available resources.

  • Your press release should highlight an important news update related to your industry or your company. Let it place your company in the forefront of consumers’ consciousness without reading like a sales pitch. Top it off with a clever or engaging headline that will draw the reader in.
  • Tantalize readers with the main points of the news flash, but leave them wanting to know more. Include links that send them to your website to get the rest of the story!
  • Make use of Search Engine Optimization by including hot SEO phrases so the online versions of your press release will show up at the top of internet searches on related topics.
  • Include info graphics or photos that can be published with the text. Be sure to include permissions and credits, because journalists won’t use the photo if they aren’t sure it’s admissible.

Sweeping Social Networks

Press releases used to go straight to newspapers, but now there’s a multitude of resources for outreach. Social networks and sharing services can spread the word like wildfire.

  • Give consumers a reason to share your news! Offer a free download, a contest entry, a discount, or other incentive, and your readers will share the link with their friends and contacts.
  • Use online bookmarking services to clip and share and spread the word.
  • Encourage readers to subscribe to an RSS feed and receive all your press releases.

Bold Branding Campaigns

Your brand is far more than a text phrase or a picture; it’s the image of your company, as perceived by consumers. Your brand should evoke positive associations and attributes of your product or service.

  • Many companies are shifting their branding campaigns to digital media, spending less money and enjoying greater impact, like one-on-one conversations with the target audience.
  • Content is king in today’s advertising world, and consumers are hooked on data. Make use of consumers’ devotion to data with items like info graphics included in your advertising.
  • Consider launching innovative digital media campaigns, integrating data intelligence, rich media, online video, and interactive advertising formats.
Why Us?

One of the cardinal rules of marketing campaigns is that writing should be done by writers. Unless you are an experienced professional writer, that means finding an expert to craft your marketing materials for you.

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